Take care of your vehicle with the services from Aroo Automotive. At our auto mechanic shop in Everett, WA, David Batt delivers top options for all makes and models. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Dave has the knowledge and expertise needed to take any problem facing your vehicle. Return to the road without overspending on your service when you bring your vehicle to our shop.

A Passion for Auto

David’s automotive career started more than 30 years ago. For David Batt it all began in high school. He always seemed to do better in mechanics than any other class, and Agricultural Mechanics was one of his favorite classes. David ended up enrolling in the FFA AG mechanics competition and placed 8th in the state with his welding, electric, and engine diagnosing. During his junior year he ended up going back to South Dakota and lived on a farm. There he learned to work on all kinds of machinery from sun up to sun down. David then began by working at a machine shop boring blocks, turning crankshafts and rebuilding engines.

David then moved back to Washington and started working at AJ’s Automotive for 13 years. He ended up leaving AJ’s for another opportunity. On September 1, 2014, Dave started his own auto mechanic shop, renting out a building from one of his old bosses.

David loves his business because he enjoys working with people and helping them get back on the road at affordable prices. David and his crew want all of their clients to know that they are not just here for you today, they are here for you tomorrow as well. Remember, “If they can’t fix it, we can!!

The Aroo Name

Where does the Aroo name come from? When Dave’s brother Jeffrey was growing up, he loved saying the words Aruba and Begonia. His brother’s friends began to use the word AROO as his nickname. They also used the word a lot as well in everyday conversation just like Hello and Goodbye, so the word stuck. Dave’s brother Jeffrey passed away in 1986. Dave has always carried him in his heart and mind since that day. Jeffrey was memorialized with a headstone that reads, “Father and Mother weep not for me for I am in glory waiting for thee. Aroo.”

What is AROO?

a roo (ah-roo) interj.– an expression of bewilderment and/or curiosity; an exclamation of overwhelming confusion; an all encompassing query

Family means everything to Dave. When his little brother passed away a few years ago, Dave chose to honor his brother by naming his business in his honor.

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